Watch the video and tick the right answers.
  1. Why does Spiderman have supernatural powers?
    • As a teenager, he makes scientific experiments and creates a spider which gives him superpowers.
    • While at a science exhibition, he is bitten by a radioactive spider.
    • As a child he fell into a pot of magic potion.
  2. Why does Spiderman finally decide to use his powers to fight crime?
    • Because he looses a boxing match against a gangster.
    • Because his uncle was shot by a TV presenter.
    • Because his uncle is shot by a thief which Spiderman could have stopped.
  3. Spiderman's real name is…?
    • Peter Pan
    • Peter Parker
    • Pete Spider
  4. What is one of spiderman's superpowers?
    • He can hear people's thoughts.
    • He can crawl on walls.
    • He can fly.

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