Tim Burton's new movie "Alice in Wonderland" has just been released at the premiere in England. Watch the video and try to answer the questions below.
  1. How does actress Mia Wasikowska describe the movie?
    • She describes it as peaceful, quiet and funny.
    • She describes it as unusual, exciting and freaky.
    • She describes it as strange, bizarre and odd.
  2. In which British city does the premiere of the movie take place?
    • London
    • Liverpool
  3. Which of these actresses is playing the main character Alice?
    • Anne Hathaway
    • Mia Wasikowska
    • Helena Bonham Carter
  4. What did Johnny Depp’s children think of the movie?
    • They were scared by it.
    • They weren’t afraid of the characters and liked it.
Select all the celebrities that appeared in the video.
If you want to see the trailer of the movie, go to: Disney Movie Trailers

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