First, watch the video. Then go to the questions underneath.
Read the questions and choose the correct answer.
  1. What is the reporter's intention?
    • She talks about George Clooney's role in a new movie.
    • She wants to inform how people can help the victims of the earthquake.
  2. How is George Clooney involved?
    • He has relatives in Haiti and therefore asks for help.
    • He cooperates with MTV in order to engage especially the young people to get involved.
  3. Who will be on the Telethon?
    • Clooney invited politicians and ambassadors.
    • There will be famous singers and actors on the Telethon.
  4. What does Clevver TV suggest people to do to promote Hope for Haiti?
    • They suggest to become a volunteer in Haiti.
    • They suggest to throw a Telethon party and to get one's friends to watch the Telethon and to donate.
This video shows some of the highlights of George Clooney's Hope for Haiti Telethon:

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