Watch this video to find out how humans are trying to make rain.
Choose the right word(s) to complete the gap-text below.
  •  Due to the rapidly growing population and global warming, water becomes the world's most 

  •  One of the solutions to this problem can be found within 

  •  Scientists discovered that by dropping particles of a chemical called silver iodide into clouds, 

  •  Since then, countries all over the world have 
     to squeeze rain out of the clouds.

  •  spends more on cloud seeding than any other country in the world.

Match the sentences with the numbers that belong into the gaps.
  • More than   countries currently research on seeding programmes.
  • Currently there are   cloud seeding programmes going on.
  • An average cloud contains   million tons of rainwater.
  • Cloud seeding techniques originated in  
  • 8
  • 150
  • 1946
  • 47

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