After a three year absence, Michael Schumacher, the most successful formula one driver in the world, celebrates his comeback in the 2010 formula one season .
To learn more about the extraordinary driver Michael Schumacher, read the text below.

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher, born 3 January 1969, is a German seven-time Formula One World Drivers' Champion, currently driving for Mercedes GP. According to the official Formula One website he is "statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen"; he holds many of the formula's driver records, including most championships, race victories, fastest laps, pole positions, points scored and most races won in a single season – 2004. In 2002 he became the only driver in the sport to complete an entire season finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in all races.
After beginning with go-karts, Schumacher won German drivers championships in Formula König and Formula Three, before joining Mercedes in the World Sportscar Championship. After one Mercedes funded race for Jordan Formula One team, Schumacher signed as a driver for the Benetton Formula One team in 1991. After winning consecutive championships with Benetton in 1994/5, Schumacher moved to Ferrari in 1996 and won another five consecutive drivers' titles with them from 2000–2004. Schumacher retired from Formula One driving in 2006, staying with Ferrari as an advisor. After an aborted attempted comeback for Ferrari as cover for the injured Felipe Massa, Schumacher signed a 3 year contract to drive for the new Mercedes GP team in 2009.
Now try to complete the text below by filling in the gaps.
  • Michael Schumacher won the formula one championship times.
  • He is said to be the the sport has ever seen.
  • He started his career with ⁠.
  • After working for Mercedes and Benetton (1991), Schumacher moved to in 1996.
  • In ⁠, Schumacher retired from Formula one driving.
  • After his failed comeback for Ferrari, Schumacher signed a 3-year contract to drive for the new GP team.
Watch the video below to find out why Schumacher had to cancel his first comeback in 2009.
After watching the video, choose the right answers to the questions below.
  1. Why did Schumacher cancel his first comeback?
    • He had to cancel his comeback because of injuries which he sustained in a motorcycle accident.
    • He canceled his comeback because he prefered to take part in motorcycle races.
  2. When did Schumacher retire?
    • He retired in 2006.
    • He retired in 2005.
  3. What did Schumacher do after his retirement?
    • He took part in motorcycle races.
    • He coached new drivers for Mercedes.
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