Offering something to drink

Read the dialogue below and listen to it.
Practise the dialogue. Listen to the black part and speak the blue part.
Now speak the black part and listen to the blue part.

Etwas zu trinken anbieten

Lies den unten stehenden Dialog und höre ihn dir an.
Übe den Dialog. Höre dem schwarzen Part zu und spreche den blauen Part.
Nun spreche den schwarzen Part und höre dem blauen Part zu.
  • "Hi!" – "Hello!"
  • "Are you hungry?" – "No, I'm not."
  • "Are you thirsty?" – "Yes, I am."
  • "Would you like a lemonade?" – "Yes, please."
  • "Here's your lemonade." – "Thank you." – "You're welcome."
  • "Goodbye." – "Bye."

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