Showing somebody around town

Listen to the dialogue and complete it with the Drag and Drop exercise.

Jemandem die Stadt zeigen

Hör dir den Dialog an und vervollständige ihn mit der Drag und Drop-Übung.
  • Yes, I can see it! It looks great! What's the name of the school?
  • Ah, you are right, there is the sign with the name on it. What's that building down the street?
  • Good to know! Let's go and have lunch there later.
  • Okay, we would love to see the playground! But let's go and eat something afterwards. I'm hungry!
  • Look, there is your new school, can you see it?
  • The name of the school is Filton High.
  • Oh, that's a shop.
  • Sure! But first, I want to show you the playground.
Practise the dialogue. Listen to speaker 1 and speak the other part.
Listen to speaker 2 and speak the other part.
Übe den Dialog. Höre Sprecher 1 zu und spreche die andere Rolle.
Höre Sprecher 2 zu und spreche die andere Rolle.

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