The Fernandez family's new home town

Before you listen:

Imagine you are in a new city. Think of all the places and things that could be new and exciting for you.

Die neue Heimatstadt der Familie Fernandez

Vor dem Hören:

Stelle dir vor, du kommst in einer neuen Stadt an. Überlege dir all die Orte und Dinge, die neu und interessant für dich sein könnten.

While you listen:

Listen to the text and select from below the places mentioned in the story. Some places do not appear in the text.

Während dem Hören:

Höre dir den Text an und wähle unten die Plätze aus, die in der Story vorkommen. Einige der Plätze kommen nicht im Text vor.
They go to Dave's car. Everybody gets in. Dave starts driving.
It is a two-hour drive from the airport to your new house.
Oh, I can't wait to see our new house!
What colour is it?
Your house is yellow.
Yellow is my favourite colour!
Tell us about our new home town, Dave.
Okay. Filton is a small city. There is a high school. It is close to your house. There is also a post office, a train station, a few shops and a cinema.
Sounds good!
They arrive in the city. As they drive along the Main Street, Dave points to a building.
Look, this is the post office and over there is the main station. From there, you can take the train to London.
And where is our school?
Just a moment, Anna, we're almost there.
They keep on driving.
Look, there it is. That is your new school and there is a playground just around the corner.
They turn right and Dave stops the car.
Here we are! This is your new home!
Oh, it's beautiful!

After you listened:

Read the following sentences and fill in the gaps with the nouns in their plural form. You can find the missing nouns in the sentence that follows.

Nach dem Hören:

Lies die folgenden Sätze und fülle die Lücken mit den Pluralformen der Nomen aus. Du findest die fehlenden Wörter in der Story.
  1. Sometimes there are many at the train station. Right now you can see only one train there.
  2. This is the only playground around here. There are no other ⁠.
  3. There are some close to the house. One shop is just down the street.
  4. Andreas and Maria need two ⁠. Right now, they have no car at all.
  5. There are many in the city. This is your new school.