Unit test

How much have you remembered from this unit?
Check your knowledge with this short test.

Unit Test

Wieviel hast du von dieser Unit im Gedächtnis behalten?
Prüfe dein Wissen mit diesem kurzen Test.
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Welche Inhalte sollen angezeigt werden?
Welchen Inhalt möchtest du eingeben?
Read the words. Then select the words that belong to the "colours" category.
Lies die Wörter. Dann wähle die Wörter aus, die zum Wortfeld "Farben" gehören.
Select the words that do not belong to the "nouns" category.
Wähle die Wörter aus, die nicht zur Kategorie "Nomen" gehören.
Choose the correct plural ending for the noun.
Wähle die richtige Pluralendung für das Nomen aus.
  1.  shop

  2.  colour

  3.  park

  4.  glass

  5.  school

  6.  church

  7.  couch

  8.  illness

Read the text. Then write the nouns (in brackets) in the gaps. Decide whether you need the plural ending -s or -es or none at all.
Lies den Text. Dann schreibe die Nomen in Klammern in die Lücken. Entscheide, ob du ein Plural -s oder -es brauchst oder gar keins.
  •  Anna on the phone: "Grandma, our new home town is great! There are four 
     (school) here. Our 
     (school) is called Filton High School. It is very close to our 
     (house). There are many beautiful 
     (house) in our street. Filton has two nice 
     (church). I really like our new town a lot! You must come and visit us soon!"
Read the sentences. Then write either "there" or "this" in the gaps.
Lies die Sätze. Dann schreibe "there" oder "this" in die Lücke.
  1.  is a picture of my class in the other room. But look, 
     is a picture of my family right here.
  2.  is my brother's room. All in all, 
     are five rooms in the house.
  3.  are many countries in the world where people speak English, but 
     is the one where I found a good job.
Great! You have finished the unit test!
Super, du hast den Unit Test abgeschlossen!

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