Chapter 12

Eileen was stunned. She had travelled half the world in the hope of finding her father's murderer, had blamed an inno-cent man and had broken the heart of this very person and all of this in vain. Fergus's killer had always been right in front of her, a person that she had loved and trusted.
Eileen had been standing at the window of Stark's living room for a few more minutes when she saw a black car driving up the yard. Two young men got out. One of them was Ben. His face looked very pale and worried. The other one was a blonde and wore shorts, which was a bit of a mistake consid-ering the weather. Well, in San Francisco one doesn't need pants currently. It was Liam. Eileen's stomach contracted.
A few minutes later two police cars came rushed up the road. They got out and drew their guns, as did Ben. Eileen heard their voices in front of the door.
Ben: "I'll count till three…1…2…"
Eileen opened right at this moment. Surprised faces gaped at her.
Ben: "Eileen, what did I tell you? You should have got out of here."
Eileen: "I couldn't."
She met Liam's eyes. They looked at each other for a while, but then remembered where they were.
Liam: "Where is he?"
Eileen: "Upstairs, I think."
Ben, Liam and the policemen entered and went up the stairs, their guns still drawn. Eileen followed them. One of the po-licemen opened every single door and came to Stark's bed-room at last.
Ben ran into it in panic.
Ben: "Stark!"
The others remained at the door face. Eileen was confused. What was wrong? She snaked through between them and gasped at the sight in front of her. Stark was lying on his bed which was covered with blood all over. A long cut on both of his wrists, the razor blade still in his right hand he looked to white and lifeless. It seemed to Eileen as if there was still an expression of pain on his face. Ben began to rip off parts of the blanket and tied them around Stark's arms.
Ben: "Come on, somebody call an ambulance!"
The ambulance couldn't help anymore. Stark died that day.
Liam and Eileen sat in front of the Beckett house a few hours later. It was already dark and Cork city looked amazing from above here. The lights made it look like a mirror image of the stars.
Eileen: "Liam, why did you come here?"
She couldn't see his face properly in the dark, but she thought he was smiling.
Liam: "Well, I missed you, you know."
Eileen: "And the real reason?"
Liam: "Ah, I found out about Stark. What he did, I mean."
Eileen: "But…what? How?"
Liam: "Spike."
Eileen: "Ah, right, who else."
Liam: "He hacked a few files. So he found out about the corruption thing and Fergus' unpublished document about the break-in of Stark and his guys. Do not ask the details."
Eileen: "Okay. It was nice of you to research the whole thing. Without you and Spike, I would still be in the dark."
Liam: "Hey, this goes without saying. It just didn't let me go." (pause) "And, by the way, I really missed you, Eileen."
He bent over and was very close to Eileen's face now.
Eileen: "I missed you, too. And I'm sorry I blamed you. I think deep down I never thought you were the murderer."
Liam: "Hey, do not talk about it again. It's all over now."
And with these words he kissed her. It was a long and gentle kiss. Eileen could imagine no place where she would rather be. The two of them simply sat still in Cork, Ireland under a magnificent sky covered in stars, simply happy that it was over.

Weiterlernen ...