At the animal farm

Before you listen:

What do you usually find at an animal farm? What do you usually not see there? Decide via drag and drop.

Auf dem Bauernhof

Vor dem Hören:

Was findest du normalerweise auf einem Bauernhof? Was siehst du gewöhnlich nicht? Entscheide per Drag and Drop.
  • dolphin
  • polar bear
    polar bears
  • cow
  • pig
  • chicken
  • eagle
  • horse
  • whale
At an
animal farm
Not at an
animal farm

While you listen:

The Fernandez family is visiting an animal farm. Which animals are indeed on this farm? Which are not? Choose via drag and drop.

Während dem Hören:

Die Familie Fernandez besucht einen Bauernhof. Welche Tiere gibt es tatsächlich auf diesem Bauernhof? Welche nicht? Wähle per Drag and Drop.
  • donkey
  • horse
  • cat
  • sheep
  • pig
  • chicken
  • rat
  • lamb
On this
Not on this

Looking around a farm

It's Sunday, the day after the house-warming party. Andreas and Maria are taking Anna, Pedro, Michael and Josh to a farm outside Filton. When they arrive, the farmer's wife is just entering the hen house. They follow her.
Farmer's wife:
Hi, can I help you?
Hi, could we have a look around?
Farmer's wife:
Of course! Just a minute, I'm just feeding the hens and collecting their eggs. Then I can show you around.
While they are waiting, they look around and see horses running in the fields.
Do you have any baby horses?
Farmer's wife:
A baby horse is called a foal. But no, we don't have any foals yet. But we do have some lambs.
They walk across the farmyard. Two dogs are following them.
I love dogs! Do you also have any cats?
Farmer's wife:
Yes, we do. They are probably playing in the hay right now.
The group arrives at the sheep.
They are so cute! And look, there's a cat hiding behind the fence! How cute!
Farmer's wife:
Yes, that one is very shy. Do you want to go to the horses now? I think my husband is feeding them. Maybe you can help him.
They meet the farmer. He gives the kids some carrots so they can feed the horses.
You are doing a great job! Why don't you come back and try horseback riding some day!
They promise to come back soon.

After you listened:

Read the questions below. Then complete the answers by writing the missing words into the gaps. You can find all the missing words in the story.

Nach dem Hören:

Lies die unten stehenden Fragen. Dann vervollständige die Antworten, indem du die fehlenden Wörter in die Lücken schreibst. Du kannst alle fehlenden Wörter in der Story finden.
  1. Who do the Fernandez family and Josh first meet at the farm? They first meet the ⁠.
  2. What is the farmer's wife doing when the family and Josh meet her? She is just and collecting their eggs.
  3. Where do the kids see a cat? They see a cat ⁠.
  4. Why do the kids want to come back soon? They want to ⁠.
Now think about this chapter of the story again. Did the kids enjoy visiting the animal farm?
Nun denke noch einmal über dieses Kapitel der Story nach. Haben die Kinder den Besuch auf dem Bauernhof genossen?
  • What do you think?
    • No, they didn't really enjoy their visit.
    • Yes, they enjoyed it very much!

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